R2LR Night Safety Series 1/2 RED LED Lights (Fire Station Luminaire)

Recessed Dual Lens Night Safety LED Series

The R2LR is a versatile volumetric LED troffer that offers even illumination without dark areas common with traditional troffers. Offering the look of contemporary fluorescent lighting with the efficiency and low maintenance of LED technology.

Specifically modified for use in Fire Stations and other areas where Night Safety is required, half the fixture is wired for standard operation with “white” LED boards in several light output levels and the other half is equipped with red LEDs wired on a separate circuit for use during fire alarm events or for use in sleeping areas to minimize sleep pattern disruptions for around the clock. Available in 2×2 or 2×4 sizes in 2 options – 1/2 Red, 1/2 White or 1/2 Red, both sides White (for use as a standard recessed LED during normal use)

  • Universal Voltage 120-277V std.
  • 3 Power options – Low/Med/High (for white LED’s)
  • Standard LED’s are available in 3000K through 5000K
  • Optional 0-10V Dimming on Standard LED’s
  • 4′ Red LED draws – 16W, 2′ Red LED draws – 8W
  • Emergency Battery Backup available
  • Meets Buy America Act (ARRA)
  • UL Listed, IBEW Union made

Photometric Files: (W2 option – 2 sides/white LED’s only)

PDF Report FileLumens/WattsIES File
R2L22LFA40 2761 Lu 26.7WR2L22LFA40
R2L22MFA403401 Lu 34.5WR2L22MFA40
R2L22HFA40 4273 Lu 45.6WR2L22HFA40
R2L24LFA404433 Lu 40WR2L24LFA40
R2L24MFA406133 Lu 57.5WR2L24MFA40
R2L24HFA408307 Lu 83.9WR2L24HFA40
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