Occu-Smart® Motion Sensor Controlled Lighting

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Occu-smart® is motion sensor controlled bi-level lighting. Incorporating a custom designed highly sensitive ultra-sonic motion sensor with multi-level ballasts, lighting is kept at low energy saving light levels during un-occupied times, with full light levels only when the spaces are occupied. A two lamp 4' T8 unit uses only 14 watts in standby mode.

All occu-smart® fixtures feature full integrated sensors, not unsightly 'add-on' devices, and contain our patented 100 hour lamp conditioning circuit.; By keeping new lamps fully lit for the first 100 hours, maximum lamp life is achieved with no premature end darkening.; Many models are available including units for compact fluorescent lamps, 2'-4' T8 lamps, and T5.

On average, high-rise stairwells are occupied less than 2% of the time. That means 98% of the time you don't need your lights fully illuminated. Think of the savings you could realize if your lights were on a lower setting 98% of the time. You can with occu-Smart®. Occu-Smart® is a lighting system designed with automatic bi-level lighting capabilities, so it automatically dims to the standby lighting level when an area is unoccupied — providing greater energy efficiencies while still keeping the area lit.