Lutron Lighting Controls



As a Lutron OEM Partner we offer a variety of controls and dimming packages to suit any need, including the Lutron VIVE system with wireless communication capability as well as the EcoSystem family of programmable drivers.


Clear Connect® wireless technology

All Lutron wireless products utilize Lutron patented Clear Connect wireless technology which operates in an uncongested radio frequency band. The result is ultra-reliable communication and smooth dimming performance with no flicker or delay. Other devices will not interfere with the Lutron lighting control system.

434 MHz: Lutron Clear Connect wireless technology

Lutron devices operate in an uncontested frequency band, providing ultra-reliable operation. 


“Other” frequency bands wireless technology

2.4 GHz: Cordless phones // Bluetooth devices // Wireless security cameras

Other devices operate in congested frequency bands, creating a high potential for wireless interference.







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