LaMar Lighting

Union Made in The USA

LaMar Lighting

Providing energy saving solutions

for every application since 1957!

With over 65 years of experience,

we have the skills and capabilities

to design and build custom products

to fit every application!

LaMar combines contemporary

styling with cost efficient solutions

for every application!

We bring our hands on knowledge

and experience, along with leading

edge technologies to deliver

solutions that work from the start.

LaMar Lighting Co., Inc. Manufacturing Energy Saving Lighting Solutions Since 1957

Featured Products

Grow-Pro LED
The Grow Pro is an exceptionally high Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) output LED fixture that also boasts a high PAR photon ...
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Occu-Smart LED
Back in the late nineties we had an idea; we wanted to have a light fixture that could dimly light building areas that...
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LED Express
Visit to find out how you can convert your old fluorescent fixtures into LED luminaires! ...
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